After a year of conspiring, and a lot of work, I'm thrilled to announce the Kiely Group will now be known as We Will. The new name represents the spirit of our organization (who we've been all along) and the optimism we share with our clients and partners. It is emblematic of our evolving vision and marks the culmination of my life's work. This next chapter is going to be the most fun yet!

So what's it all about? Feast your eyes on our new website. It should fill in the gaps and give you a taste of what we're up to here at We Will.

What's new?:

Besides the name, logo and website, we've welcomed new team members.
We've expanded our list of collaborators and partners.
We've focused our service offerings.
We've evolved our Voice.
We've renewed our commitment to organizational effectiveness and leadership.

Many of you provided insight, clarity, and even content in the form of testimonials. We're grateful for your friendship, your continued belief in the principles of co-creation and for the good and important work you do. It inspires us to be more and to do more good.

We believe people truly are more powerful than problems. Together, we will continue to do great things.


—— Laree ——

Laree Kiely, PhD
Founder and CWO
We Will, Inc.
530 622-8887